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Final report of GMR in Tula
(Reader : 11164)
Final report of GMR in Tula

General statistics

Total participants of this move in Tula: 37 (6 serving ones; 14 foreign saints; 12 saints from Moscow; 2 saints from Tula; 3 saints from nearby church)
Gospel tracts distributed: 24000
Gospel contacts: 644
Receiving the Lord during the gospel activities: 281
Numbers of seminars: 17 ( 5 gospel conferences, 10 Christian trainings; 2 video messages)
New ones to the seminars: 60
Pray to receive the Lord during the seminars: 30
Home meeting: 30
Books sell: 5616

Want to have home meeting: 15
Want to have group meeting: 8 (those who are ready to join the church meeting)
Video messages on Saturday: 14-16 new ones; 7-11 local saints or from the nearby church

Original church life in Tula: 6 (1 couple, 1 brother, 3 sisters), video message on Monday; prayer meeting on Wed.; group meeting on Thursday; and Lord’s table on Sunday.

Present situation after the whole cycle (1/15-2/11)

After the 2 weeks seminars in Tula, we stayed 2 more weeks to have home meeting with the new ones. On Saturday, we had the video messages on the subject of the Life-Study of Ruth. We didn’t invite the new ones to the prayer meeting and Lord ’s table purposely so far. Because most of them have the background of Christianity and our concern is to continue to feed them instead of forcing them to join our meetings. Besides, the original church life needs more perfecting and strengthening. In the future, we will mention more about the ground of the church and may the Lord open their eyes to take the action to stay in the Lord’s recovery. There are around 25 people that open for the fellowship. And one new one already participated in the Lord’s table and prayer meeting.

Plan for the church life in Tula

A. Continuing the shepherding work
a. The local saints will continue the appointments with the new ones. They can call them or make an appointment with them.
b. Two brothers from the nearby church would like to separate their time to visit the new ones every week. They will travel to Tula to visit the new ones.
c. The serving ones will go to visit the new ones during the weekend. On the one hand, they can take care the new ones; on the other hand, they will do some perfecting work for the local saints. (we will visit them more intensively during the first month, then we will see the situation to adjust the frequency of the visiting—need more fellowship)
d. We would like to ask the foreign saints that had participated in this move to call or write to the new ones.
B. Having the video messages on every Saturday
We will continue the video messages every Saturday for at least 2 months more. We realize that it’s the best way to feed them just with the ministry constantly.
C. Holding the blending conference with the nearby churches.
It will help the new ones to have the view of the Body of Christ and be strengthened through the blending with all the saints.

Testimonies from the new ones

1. Lara K.: During the all seminars, the first impression I have is that I feel “real happiness” in my life. Although I am a Christian from the birth, only in seminars I feel what the deep meaning of the word “happiness” to the uttermost! I am filled and saturated with God!!!...Through the fellowship with other believers in the Body of Christ, I can enjoy the richness of the presence of Christ. ...
2. One sister: The Lord is not only objective to me but subjective. I know that I should always stay in my spirit and enjoy Him.
3. One couple: We appreciated that you come here to give God’s words to us. Actually, we feel every Russian should hear such word. Through the seminar, I know more about the redemption of Christ, the church, baptism, and being one with Him.

Prayer burden

A. Pray for all the new ones will continue to have home meeting with the local saints and serving ones.
B. Pray for the Saturday video messages that the new ones can be released and be infused with this ministry.
C. Pray for the local saints that they can be perfected and practice God ordained way.
D. Pray that the Lord still covers all the activities we have. Recently one local brother called by the administration in Tula. So far it didn’t arise any problem. But we need your prayer.

Serving ones in Tula

โดย / Posted by : Final report of GMR in TulaTime : 3/1/2007 11:00:27 AM
โดย / Posted by :GMR2007
Time :3/1/2007 11:18:30 AM
โดย / Posted by :
Time :3/5/2007 9:41:26 PM
โดย / Posted by :gmr
Time :3/7/2007 2:00:08 PM
โดย / Posted by :a
Time :3/7/2007 2:03:28 PM
Dear saints, we (that is me, Sergey Kristalenko and my wife, Olga) recently went to city Tula. We went there on Friday night, March 2nd, and came back on the Lord’s Day, March 4th.

Totally participants: 25; new ones: 12; Tula saints: 6; nearby churches: 5

We can say, the atmosphere becomes more and more sweet and natural, free and easy.
This time we watched the last video-message of the Life-study of Ruth. In that message there was a special word, very frank and healthy. Brother Lee gave an answer, during the last 30-40 minutes, to the letter of one sister who is in the Catholic church. He spoke about mixture both in Catholicism and protestant denominations, as well as about the Lord’s recovery. It seems to me, everybody was a little bit shocked because of this word. After the message we also shared something more regarding the Lord’s recovery and the ministry of the age. We emphasized that we follow not a man but the vision. That was good inoculation. It seems everybody accepted this word and all had positive response.
In general, new ones are stable to visit the seminars, although many come across with various frustrations. It is related to their health or job or family situations. So every time for them to come to the seminar they have to struggle. One sister Ludmila said, fellowshipping with Olya during the break, she was exposed looking how we come from Moscow every week although for us it is quite far, but she visits not so regular although she lives in Tula. And she acknowledged that the reason is not just she is too busy, because if there is strong desire there is always a way. So really there is a need to pray to bind all the frustrations and to release them for each seminar.
Also for the first time during last 5 weeks Volodya Movchyan showed up to this seminar (alone without his wife Alya). Praise the Lord!
He found a job and due to this he is very busy. Usually he gets home only after 10:00 PM. It seems some difficulties are taking place in this family now.

Now, concerning appointments with new ones during last week. As well as I know two sisters (Marina Galisheva and Nina Grigir’eva) were able to come to the group meeting to Sergey and Mariya Lovchakov on Thursday. During the meeting sisters asked plenty of questions (as they do usually) and atmosphere, as I understood was not so sweet. So we need to pray for these sisters, especially for Marina, to the Lord not only to satisfy them thru the saints with the proper answers but to feed them and satisfy them in their spirit during every meeting. Also on Friday Sergey and Marina visited Alexander and Kseniya Polyakov. They were satisfied with this fellowship.
On the Lord’s day Nina, Lena, Galina along with her daughter Irina and Ludmila with her granddaughter came to the Lord’s table. So totally 5 new ones. And altogether there were 14 of us in Sergey’s small flat. So I guess very soon they would have to consider to rent a hall for the Lord’s Table meeting! Praise the Lord for such good “headache”!
After the Lord’s Table and prophesying we continued to fellowship during the lunch. After that Nina stayed with some of us till 4 PM.

Our plans for future:

1. We plan to hold seminars on Saturdays until April 14th.
• We hope that it would give them the vision of Christ and the Church, they will have a taste of the ministry of the age, and they will be strengthened to follow the Lord’s way;
• To watch 1 video-message every Saturday (beginning from March 10th we will watch video “To live overcoming life by the law of the Spirit of life ”);
• After the seminar ends we suggest coming ones to meet with us in the evening of that day or to come to the coming Lord’s Day.

2. Coworkers come every week on weekends (Friday - Sunday) in order to:
• Coordinate with local saints;
• To meet with some new ones one on one if it’s possible;
• Help with holding the seminars on Saturdays;
• To stay for the Lord’s day and fellowship after that with new ones.

3. On March 25th on the Lord’s day church in Tula along with nearby churches will come together to Tula to hold corporate Lord’s Table and to watch the 1st video-message of the Crystallization-study of the Gospel of Mark.
• Before the video-training during the seminars we plan to invite all our new ones to this corporate Lord’s Table and to watch together the 1st message;
• After our watching, new ones would be given a chance to sign up for the whole video-training.

4. We, coworkers will come each month for 3 months (besides seminars on weekends) to stay for the period of ten days, in order to support the local saints in their care for the new ones.
• This month we will go there on Friday on March 23rd and will stay until April 1st.

5. After 3 months of such intensive care we are going to visit this city not so often, may be only once or two times a month on weekends. During these visitations we probably will give them several lessons on fundamental points of truth, life, the church and vital practices.

Please continue to pray for:

a. Local saints
1. need more life relationship between one another.
2. more burden to attend the prayer meeting.
3. pray for the brothers - cause them to come together to fellowship and coordinate.
b. Release more contacts for appointments.
c. For the new ones to develop close relationships with local saints.
d. To bind all the frustrations for the new ones to come to each seminar (related to their health, job, family and so forth).
e. For new ones to grow in life and to receive vision of the Lord’s recovery.
f. For new ones to participate in the blending during the first day of video-training and to see the Body more.

P.S: I would like to mention that now our attitude toward the new ones in the seminars and in our appointments is the same as we practiced in the seminars in January. That is we try to be careful and accurate in our fellowship with them, and not to touch so much denominations and to avoid criticism. We try to share with them on the positive side with our experiences of Christ and to lead them to the enjoyment of the Lord thru His Word and thru calling on the name of the Lord.

P.S: Zhenya Zinchenko (our coworker) from now on will not visit this city with us, because there is a need of his help in another place.

P.S: We’d like to hear something from you, how you are doing, what you are experiencing now, what would you like us to pray for you. Also I think new ones would be encouraged if you write a letter to them.

P.S: For Jeckie: Sister Inna told us last time that recently she shared with her students (as you know she is a school teacher of history) about your testimony regarding Russia, how your feeling toward Russia and Russian people were changed after you received the Lord. Inna shared with the students how Jesus can change enemies into beloved brothers. She greets you.
We did not see Lara last week because she got sick and also her mother felt bad. We translated your letter to Tatiana and Sergey will try to go to the hotel to pass it to her.

We remember all of you and love you!

Sergey and Olya Kristalenko.

โดย / Posted by :Dear saints, we (that is me, Sergey Kristalenko and my wife,
Time :3/7/2007 11:16:32 PM

Dear Saints,

In the 2008 winter training on 1 and 2 Peter and Jude, the brothers who serve in Lord's Move to Europe (LME) gave a brief report on the current financial situation of the work that is being supported through LME. This report was sent out in December 2007 to all the churches by email. After the winter training the co-workers in Russia spent two months to fellowship among themselves and with the leading ones and the saints in the churches in the Russian-speaking world. The main point of their fellowship was the need for the saints and the churches in the Russian-speaking world to bear a greater share of the financial burden for the work in their respective countries, including the support of the Russian-speaking co-workers and their families who serve there. As part of their fellowship, the co-workers sent a letter to the churches in the Russian-speaking world in February 2008. A copy of this letter is attached to this email. The Russian-speaking churches responded to the co-workers' fellowship first by consecrating themselves to the Lord and then by pledging their financial support for the continuation of the Lord's work in their part of the world. This response from the churches was very encouraging and demonstrates the glorious testimony that the Lord has gained in the Russian-speaking world through the coordinated labor and support of the saints and the churches on the whole earth during the past sixteen years.

As an encouragement to all the saints, we have attached a letter from the co-workers and the saints in the Russian-speaking world to all the churches and the saints in the Lord's recovery around the globe. We hope that you will read this letter and rejoice together in what the Lord has gained among the peoples of the former Soviet Union. We also hope that you will continue to pray for and support the Lord's move in the Russian-speaking world and in all of Europe for the building up of the Lord's Body, the preparation of His bride, the defeat of His enemy, and the ushering in of His kingdom through His return with all His overcoming saints.

In our dear Lord,
The brothers serving in LME
โดย / Posted by : Letter from Russian coworkers
Time :3/27/2008 11:14:29 AM
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