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ตั้งกระทู้ใหม่ / New Topic
(Reader : 3879)
Dear saints,

On December 20th we had a gathering on the Lord’s day morning for the first time. 17 saints, including two local German young brothers and one Chinese sister, eight saints from other cities in southern Germany and four saints from northern Switzerland, joined this meeting. We really tasted the sweetness of the fellowship in the Lord. After singing and praising the Lord, we enjoyed His word together by reading the Bible. Through the chap. 1 of the book of Ephesians, the Lord opened our eyes to see that the church is produced by the dispensing of Triune God. Praise Him for the vision of the church! Although we might not be so familiar with such a “big” meeting compared with the weekly Bible reading group, the Lord still poured out His rich blessing upon us. Thanks the Lord for answering many saints’ prayer to have such a new beginning in this city. We pray to the Lord to continue such a meeting at least once a month for recovering His lampstand in this city in the coming year.

Reviewing the past few months, we deeply feel the Body is our greatest support. About two months ago, there were more than ten saints, who sequentially came to visit us. Each time they brought so many spiritual blessings to the saints here. Especially for the new ones, the revelation of the human spirit and calling upon the name of Lord was implanted into them through the continual fellowship of the saints. What a rejoicing that we can pray and call upon His precious name together! By the way, many saints’ prayers and a weekly telephone prayer meeting with some brothers in Heidelberg pave the way for the Lord’s move here. Although we don’t live in Stuttgart, we all have the same burden for the Lord’s testimony in this strategic city in southern Germany. When we labor in a corporate way for His interest in Stuttgart, the Lord also takes care of our locality.

As one brother once shared with us before we came here, “the Lord won’t use the spiritual giants to recover His works in this country but every small believer functioning as the proper member of Body of Christ. We have inherited all spiritual riches from this ministry: the high peak truth and the God-ordained way. And we have the Lord with the whole Body as our backup. So don’t be afraid!” Amen, we could move in the Body and be covered in the Body! Matt. 9: 37, 38 - The harvest is great, but the workers few; therefore, beseech the Lord of the harvest that He would thrust out workers into His harvest! There is an urgent need of His workers to come for reaping His harvest, especially the young generation. They are open to the English speaking ones and would like to talk. They are very disappointed at the old religion and want to know something new. Oh Lord, open their eyes to see God’s eternal economy and the perfect will in Your heart- the Body of Christ. Gain this young generation for Your testimony in this country! May the Lord open the way to bring more saints here to meet His great needs. Amen.
โดย / Posted by : the Lord's recovery in GermanTime : 1/9/2010 12:24:34 PM
German speaking young people conference

Dear saints,

German young people conference

About a month ago we had our German young people conference in Southern Germany. This time around 50 saints joined the festival. Since the first German young people conference took place for the first time two years ago, more and more young ones from different places in Germany/Switzerland have paid the price to join this semi-annual gathering.

In Europe there are a couple of regular events for teenagers: one is the Poland Young People Camp and the other is the Winter School in London. Through blending with other European young ones, these big kids really get enlarged in their capacity and also experience the Body living. However, due to language, long distance, cost and some other issues, not all German-speaking young ones are able to participate in these gatherings. Besides, we also hope our kids can have more contacts with their fellow German young people, so since two years ago, we have started to have this conference in both spring and fall.

In the beginning, our goal was to bring them together to be with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart. Through the past several gatherings, our young ones became fond of this gathering and also acquainted with enjoying Christ.

So now our goal is not just to bring them to their peers but to bridge them to the church life . This time our main tune was about Christ and the church. We should learn that, our personal enjoyment of Christ is for the building up of His Body.
โดย / Posted by :German speaking young people conference
Time :1/9/2010 12:29:13 PM
His move in southern Germany

Dear saints,

It is always our great pleasure to share our joy in the church life with you all.
Couple weeks ago, we had our monthly Perfecting Meeting in Stuttgart. The topic was concerning the vision Lord’s Recovery, the practice of the church life and vital group. Through many saints’ coordination, the Lord had the way to blend us together—some sisters helped translate the outlines from English into German, brothers prepared together for the messages and all of us prayed to make the Lord release His speaking and anointing in the meeting. Even before this perfecting meeting, we all felt that the Lord was already perfecting us!
In the morning message of this meeting, the Lord showed us the three aspects of His recovery—divine revelation, God-man living and the practice of the church life. Besides, we also reviewed the blueprint of the church life—Gospel, Home, small group and district. In the afternoon, in order to bring what we have seen into practice, the saints were encouraged to give themselves to the Lord for having personal morning revival everyday and “3x15 prayer” with their vital partners. “3x15” prayer is a practice from the saints in North America, which means three times per week and 15 min. per time. Actually couple months before this perfecting meeting, some saints here have started practicing this 3x15 prayer already. And in this time, we believe it is our need to have such prayer to guard our lovely saints and church life against the attack from the enemy. It is just like the wall of Jerusalem to preserve us to build us Mount Zion.

Since several years ago, the saints here have been longing for being perfected. Year after year, we are not satisfied with our own situation—it seems the Lord likes to pour out His whole being to us, but our vessels, both our human being and church capacity, are too broken and too small to contain His blessings. Many saints joined one conference after another. We always hoped someday, the Lord would bless us with many saints so that we could enjoy what we have tasted in these conferences. Due to this discontent, we started our first perfecting meeting about eight months ago.
In our first perfecting meeting, there were less than 20 saints. The brothers who gave the messages were very nervous. No coworkers, no spiritual giants, out from our Head, Christ, all the Body causes the growth of the Body unto the building up of itself in love.
Gradually, more and more saints join the serving. The burden becomes lighter and lighter since more and more saints carry it together.
For the past one year some saints have been going out weekly to preach Gospel; some new ones were added to His church. However, we can testify that most of these new ones came to the church life not through our active contact, but through the blessing of our one accord.
For example, the saints in Heidelberg pray for the saints in Freiburg regularly. One day, a new one in Freiburg moved to Heidelberg for his study and also started the church life in Heidelberg. We reaped what we had not sown! One more example, some saints in southern Germany went to Bern, Switzerland, for supporting the first Lord’s table there. Couple weeks later, some saints in Switzerland came to Stuttgart for a blending meeting and a new one in Stuttgart was shepherded by them. Although there are not many saints in Europe, our Lord is building up His church in all wisdom.

Dear saints, please continue praying for us , to be in one accord and to have church life . Because some saints live far away from each other, what they have is only merely “church meeting” but not “church life”. We deeply believe the stream flowing right now in America, in Asia is also flowing in Europe, in Germany.

May the Lord strengthen this 3x15 prayer in southern Germany, let the kingdom of God be proclaimed unhindered.
โดย / Posted by :His move in southern Germany
Time :1/9/2010 12:34:47 PM
Dear saints,

May the peace and joy be with you all.

We thank you for remembering us often in your prayers. And through your petition and the bountiful supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ, all the circumstances turn out to be our salvation. We would like, through the fellowship of this letter, to testify with you the Lord’s present move in Germany, including the migration of the German saints to Berlin, the blessing on the church in Stuttgart , and the Lord´s move in some other cities where we live.

In the past May, we had a glorious German-speaking blending conference in Neckarzimmer , south Germany. The messages of the conference were taken from the 2008 Thanksgiving Day Conference titled “the Testimony of Jesus.” In order that golden lampstands be raised up in all the cities of Germany as the testimony of Jesus , the brothers had a particular burden in their fellowship that the saints move to Germany´s capital city, Berlin and strengthen the testimony there. One brother testified that after the turmoil in 1987, the Lord wonderfully raised up the church in London in the UK and blended the saints together so that the Lord can continue His move in Europe. Today for the Lord´s testimony in the German-speaking world, the Lord must at first capture the strategic city, Berlin, as the center for the church spreading. In the fellowship and praying of the responsible brothers before the conference, the Holy Spirit strongly confirmed the burden in them. Again in the meetings, through the fellowship of the Body and the working of the Holy Spirit, many saints re-consecrated themselves, desiring to be overcomers through migration.

One month later after the conference, one family already moved to Berlin. 5 more families and 5 to 6 single saints are desperately seeking opportunities to move to Berlin. Every week, these saints fellowship and pray with one another on telephone, encouraging one another to press forward. How joyful we see the Lord´s one big step in the German speaking world! The wheel of God´s economy moves forward here at full speed.

In 1971, the Lord raised up the first local church in Germany in Freiburg and then in Stuttgart in 1976. Br. Lee remarked once regarding the Lord´s testimony in Germany that if the Lord´s testimony in Taiwan is compared with the rising sun, the testimony in Germany is then like the midday sun. Even though in 1987 the enemy pretty much tore down the Lord´s testimony in Germany and even across Europe, the Lord kept a few faithful families under His sovereignty, which have continued to bear the Lord´s testimony in Germany. After 20 year seemingly “long, cold winter,” He is now strengthening seven fold His testimony of the Church in Stuttgart. There are about 20 or more saints in the Lord´s table meeting in Stuttgart, and more than half of them are young people. Full of hope! Through the prayers and coordination of several families in one accord, many saints are more in reality brought into the church life and the building-up. Not long ago, a Chinese-speaking contact who has lived in Stuttgart for seven years got baptized. She has been always seeking a church, yet never found one according to the peace within her. She could maintain the fellowship with the Lord only through some spiritual materials related to the Bible. Thank the Lord for His mercy. Through the fellowship of the Body, the cousin of the newly baptized sister got connected with the saints in Stuttgart and flew to Stuttgart and brought the sister to the Lord´s table meeting. On that day after the Lord´s table meeting, we baptized the sister into the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit while rejoicing with prayers and hymns. In the Body of Christ was this fruit born, the overture for the spring of the flourishing resurrection. Hallelujah!

In the cities, Freiburg and Heidelberg, where we live, the Holy Spirit also seeks carefully the lost coins. Through the Rhema card distribution , the Lord led us into contact with many open young German students. We keep in touch with them via email . A German student, who is interested in Chinese language, comes to our Bible study group week after week. Several German students, who are interested in the Bible, came as well to join the Bible study group (RSG) and dined with us in our home . The Lord has mercy also particularly on some Chinese students and even scholars from the Muslim world, who got baptized one after another and have lived a normal church life here. May the Lord bring in more young people who are thirsty for and seeking the Lord´s word. After all we gladly fellowship with you that the translation work of the New Testament recovery version is soon to be completed under the Lord´s protection and with the laboring of the coworkers. The New Testament recovery version in German is scheduled to be proof read in summer 2010 and then will be printed. It will be then announced and published in the 2010 winter training. May the Lord gain His testimony in the German speaking world for the building-up of the Body of Christ, to be prepared to bring Him back. Amen!

May the saints pray for the listed burdens:

1. The translation work of the New Testament recovery version in German and the coordination in one accord.

2. The migration of the saints to Berlin and the strengthening of the testimony there.

3. The testimony of the Church in Stuttgart and its multiplication.

4. May the Lord gain many word-seeking young students in Heidelberg and Freiburg.
โดย / Posted by :The Chinese speaking saints in Germany
Time :1/9/2010 12:44:32 PM
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